Post-operation dies

Hard-cutting dies

Our tools achieved the target of more than 1.000.000 strokes

FAIB developed the post-operation dies (the “hard-cutting” dies) for more than 20 years with a pain-staking R&D activity.

These tools are today well-proven and widely used: they can sustain high-volume production cycles without trouble. Many of these tools are in continuous production for years, with over 1 million strokes already performed… and counting!

We supplied these hard-cutting dies to many Customers worldwide, including OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers, with the satisfaction of all of them.

20 years of developments

The hard cutting dies have been developed by FAIB in collaboration with the University and with specialized tool steel manufacturers. The proper material selection and the original design lead to the capability to absorb the cutting efforts with minimum surface wear and outstanding lifetime of the die.

Benchmark between cutting technologies

We analysed the differences in performance between the laser cutting and the hard-cutting technology.

A micrographic test (which is shown here at different magnification ratios) shows a substantial homogeneity of the cut surfaces both in case of mechanical cutting and laser cutting.

The penetrant liquids test does not highlight any fracture in the cut zone.

The micrographics show a modification of the metal structure on a thin layer of about 0,04mm on the top surfaces of both the laser cut and the mechanical cut samples.

There is no sign of fractures either.

We may assume that there is no significant quality difference between the samples in the two cases and that the mechanical-cutting is as safe as the laser-cutting.

Mechanical Trim

Laser Trim

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